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Založeno r. 1999

Residential HOUSE

We are construction and development company which implements the structure of the building from building system VELOX. The structure is for larger building such as apartment, garage buildings, office building, etc.

We offer:

+ Architectural studies
+ The statistic solution building
+ Engineering
The main advantage of system Velox for residential building and other larger buildings
+ Very small thicknees of the walls, saving space, so larger space for apartment or room.
+ System Velox can be combined with other building systems.
+ Between residential and escape routes with the sound attenuation to 77db.
+ Very simple to install equipment.
You send us your project (pdf., dwg.) and we will design statistic solution and heating and cooling solutions in combination with our system Velox. We can build a low-energy houses and you can sell well.

Selected References

Residental house