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Založeno r. 1999
building ties velox
Structure of fixing ties with weldet distant crossbars ensures fixation of board position in outside and inside casing of walls, also serving to lay and join od each casing board on each other in vertical position of both coating.

Sorts of ties according to shape and usage:

Oneside ties: are usually laid in bottom part level of first layer of casing, in the level of ceiling is put on the inside of supporting wall and when window sill is built.

Both-side ties: are placed continuously when laying and tieing each board of wall casing in layers cracks.

Ceilings ties: are placed on the same level as ceiling is laid on peripheral, supporting wall, one end of a tie on inside casing and the other one on already drilled holes of peripheral continuing boards where it is fixed on the end eye with nail in cross direction.Tow ties are lead through already drilled holes in the center of end eye of outside boards and inside boards of casing and in the end eye is fixed with nail in cross direction. In case of using VELOX WS boards it is recommended to use and place every. Rows of casing board when the strenghth of casing shall be increased during concreting the whole floor at the same time.
+ produced from tow wire made of steel 11 343, has round diameter 4 and 5 mm, with help of welding, required strength in tow 540 MPa
+ standard surface treatment is assigned under the plaster
+ the width of ties are various and depends on constitution of each layer of a wall
+ v případě použití na stěny bez omítky je možné spony speciálně povrchově upravit
+ in the case of usage without plaster, it is possible to paint surface with a special treatment



(thickness of wall)

internal wall external wall
one-side tie 150 - 400 5 ks / bm* of wall 8 ks / bm** of wall
both-side tie 150 - 400 4 ks / bm of crack 4 ks / bm** of crack
ceiling tie 150 - 400 4 ks / bm of wall -
tow tie 150 - 400

1 - 2 ks / bm 

one layer casing

1 - 2 ks / bm

one layer casing

* When calculating a consumption of ties, it is usually counted with 5 pcs / m of wall. Out of which 4 pcs / m are supposed to fix first row of boards on floor and 1 pce / m to finish window sills.

* * When calculating a consumption of ties, it is counted with 8 pcs / m of wall. Out of which 4 pcs / m are supposed to fix first row of boards on floor and 4 pcs / m to finish wall under ceiling.